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Popular Reasons to Use Catering For Your Event

Advantages of Catering Your Next Event

The catering market is a place where businesses, individuals, schools and churches can get the finest food produced for any event. Working with a catering company is a business relationship that goes far beyond a check for services rendered. When working with a catering business, the customer has a chance to get custom-created menus that will work for any function and any party size.


Choosing The Menu

The catering market is awash with companies that are creating their own menus for their customers that will make each and every customer happy and keep them from being hungry. Rather than coming out to Andora Catering in Pittsburgh with no idea what to have on the menu, it is best to figure out what another catering business is doing and compile a list of dishes that sound the most delicious.

The catering market has more than enough innovation and unique menus to give people the ideas they need to pull their own party together. Even so, the catering company must be given a chance to guide the customer in choosing a menu that will work for their outing. Whether the event is a wedding or a barbecue, there is a menu that suits the occasion, the host and the sentiment of the event itself.

Choosing Andora Catering means that the customer gets to work with a catering business in Pittsburgh that gives the customer the guidance they need but also takes requests and hears what the customer is asking for. Without this critical listening step, most customer would only get the food that the catering company wants to make and not the food that the customer to wants to eat.

Cornering The Market

Cornering the catering market is a combination of the customer coming to the caterer with solid ideas and the customer allowing the caterer to offer them unique ideas. Often, caterers are inspired by the requests that their customers make. However, the caterer must be allowed to share these ideas and converse with the customer to come up with a final menu that works for both parties.

A catering business then must determine how best to serve the food on the menu. Again, the customer has the right to ask for a buffet, table service or some other configuration. However, the catering company must give their input to the customer to ensure that the customer is getting a spread that will actually work for the event they are hosting.

Even though the customer is always right, there are times when the customer must come to a caterer with ideas and allow the caterer to mold those ideas into a spread and food service that will dazzle everyone at their next event. Without proper communication, no customer can get what they want from a caterer. Plus, improper communication prevents the caterer from giving the customer the best version of their desired menu.

Working together make beautiful and delicious menus for every event, regardless of the tastes of the customer.

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