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Choose your Catering Menu Wisely

Creating Your Menu

Planning your special event is no small feat. You have to choose the venue, the entertainment, guest list, a theme. When it comes to your menu, Andora Catering recommends a few helpful tips to make this important element of your next affair a breeze.

Catering Menu

When selecting the type of food you want, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want to incorporate both hot and cold foods or stick to one or the other. From a catering perspective, each presents a unique set of challenges, but nothing that Andora Catering isn’t equipped to handle.

Hot Meal Catering Option

How large is your venue? Are you envisioning a buffet line with carving stations or a sit-down meal? When you choose hot meal options for your event, we’ll use chafing dishes, lighting and food warmers to ensure everything is available at the right temperature. So, you’ll want to make sure you have ample space and set-up time for this type of arrangement. Buffet style is often an easier way to serve hot meals to large groups of guests. For serving 50-100 guests, for example, the buffet option makes sense.

Cold Meal Catering Option

Outside of drinks, which are easier to transport and manage using coolers and refrigerators or chilled on ice, serving cold meals poses its own challenges. You’ll need plenty of space and energy to keep the food cold, and for potentially long periods of time. For example, a chilled gelato must be scooped all at once in order to time it for serving.

Trust Andora Catering

We’re here to help you serve up a memorable meal at your next event, no matter what you select. We will work with you and your venue of choice to ensure that what’s hot stays hot and what’s cold stays cold. This way your guests’ meals will become a delightful—and delectable—extension of their total experience.

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