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Catering Trends of 2014

What’s New In 2014 For Catering?

The chefs aren’t the only ones changing the way they do things in 2014. Andora Catering, hailing from Pittsburg, PA is trying to embrace new changes with the way they handle their catering. It is important to change things up every now and then.

Green Plates

With every passing year comes a new change in the culinary realm. The “in” trend with today’s food is baking it with gluten-free products. This does not put locally grown meat or produce any lower on the list though. A majority of the population enjoys eating vegetables and other produce that comes directly out of the garden. Not only does it taste better on the tongue, it is more nutritious. Many people are still not getting enough greens and other vegetables into their diet. This sets them up for diseases and infections easily. People are also looking for a “green” type of food that protects the environment. These are classified as organic most of the time. They will be a bit more expensive than something that is labeled non-organic.

A catering business like Andora Catering needs to adopt new changes into their lineup to stay up to date with customers. Catering business trends are leaning towards a social media type of approach. Internet marketing has taken new and existing businesses to new levels. If a customer posts on his/her page about their experience with a catering business, their friends and family members can read about it. When those people have a wedding or birthday party that needs catering help, they can reach out to this company. After this happens, the friend of the original person will be inviting their friends to the business if they post another blog article. It creates a domino effect that brings in a large amount of catering business to one company. This is one of the most popular catering trends to hit the market in years.

Change is also important for how catering trends are affecting the way a business provides service to their customers. A new catering technique that some companies are trying to adopt is using less-luxurious menu offerings. This reaches out to more children-friendly families. With the way the economy is still recovering, catering trends are moving towards this approach. Businesses are trying to create budget oriented menu items that resemble a fancier plate. Sports are making a bigger impact on our economy than ever before. A vast majority of the United States is watching professional football when it is on television. Creating new plates that go along with football will increase sales for many companies. This can be anything from hot wings to celery.

With today’s fast-faced world, people are looking for a cheap way to relax and enjoy their food. Catering trends are leaning towards providing this to new customers. As long as a person can get a meal with a little entertainment, they will be happy.

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